Since 1982 supplying spare parts for:

cooking equipment
commercial refrigeration
washing and laundry equipment coffee machines bar and
vending equipment
in original quality 7 x 24 h

Dynamic discounts for orders over $ 350: 30% discount for orders between $ 350 and $ 1,000 40% discount for orders between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 50% discount for orders over $ 3,000 + additional 3% discount for online orders over $ 350... | Season's Greetings! LF Group wishes you a happy holiday for holiday season! ... | New Catalogue BARISTA TOOLS 2014 LF is proud to introduce the latest edition of its Barista Tools catalogue 2014. This catalogue features various new items, some of which are: - The new LF milk pitchers , available in stainless steel, black, red and white. These are just perfect for your latte art - BWS (Blend Wheel System) filter - The Single precision filter - Aeropress, Hario and Chemex coffee make...... | Coffee News All that is new for professional baristas and for coffee lovers. An even larger selection of items for the coffee world. LF has recently introduced - The Single , the innovative single filter for professional espresso coffee machines, which has the potential of the double filter, allowing to half the quantity of coffee. - Travel espresso coffee machines , to enjoy the aroma of...... |

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