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Dynamic discounts for orders over $ 350: 30% discount for orders between $ 350 and $ 1,000 40% discount for orders between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 50% discount for orders over $ 3,000 + additional 3% discount for online orders over $ 350... | New Catalogue BARISTA TOOLS 2014 LF is proud to introduce the latest edition of its Barista Tools catalogue 2014. This catalogue features various new items, some of which are: - The new LF milk pitchers , available in stainless steel, black, red and white. These are just perfect for your latte art - BWS (Blend Wheel System) filter - The Single precision filter - Aeropress, Hario and Chemex coffee make...... | Coffee News All that is new for professional baristas and for coffee lovers. An even larger selection of items for the coffee world. LF has recently introduced - The Single , the innovative single filter for professional espresso coffee machines, which has the potential of the double filter, allowing to half the quantity of coffee. - Travel espresso coffee machines , to enjoy the aroma of...... | New R290 Propane Gas brochure LF has recently introduced the new R290 Propane Gas brochure, featuring compressors, tools, components and fittings. Click on the pdf file to find out more about all the items included in this brochure. Visit our LF Internet Shop to discover all the news and view the complete range of our refrigeration sector. ... |

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