Mignon Eureka coffee grinders

03/03/2021 16:21:00

Mignon Eureka coffee grinders


Find out the line of Mignon Eureka coffee grinders available on the LF website.
The Eureka coffee grinders are among the most silent and precise in circulation, ideal for all professionals and coffee lovers.

Here are the main features of the Mignon Speciality, Silence and Perfect instant coffee grinders:

  • continuous micrometric grinding adjustment
  • hands-free filter holder support, adaptable to all types of filter holders
  • special design of the grinders to allow any type of preparation
  • high speed maintenance 
  • small dimensions
  • flat millstones or grinders

The line also includes the Mignon grinder-doser, LF code 1235134

Also made by Eureka, we recommend the new Atom Specialty coffee grinder 65 240V, LF code 1235150.

Discover them now!

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