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New catalogue dedicated to gaskets for refrigeration

02/08/2019 15:08:00

New catalogue dedicated to gaskets for refrigeration


LF is pleased to introduce its new catalogue dedicated to gaskets for refrigeration, a key element in enhancing efficiency and extending the lifespan of all refrigeration equipment. Provided they are checked and replaced regularly, gaskets can prevent damage to fridges, cold rooms, blast chillers and refrigerated cabinets.

With the new catalogue the LF offering has expanded, as the number of profiles has been increased from 89 to 116. The addition of 2 specific profiles for blast chillers is especially worth highlighting – these feature a special substance suitable for large ranges of temperature. As a result, the gaskets are not damaged by the transition from hot to cold.

In addition, LF continues to provide its tailor-made gasket service, whereby we can produce gaskets which are suitable for any model and have them delivered to you promptly.

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