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New line of Millennium water softeners

18/12/2018 08:39:00

New line of Millennium water softeners


The new line of Millennium water softeners are fitted with an anti-flooding valve, available in three versions and with two types of head:

  • electronic head with chronometric adjustment
  • electronic head with chronometric/volumetric adjustment

Water softeners with electronic head and chronometric adjustment:
Code LF 3010297 (8 Basic Plus)
Code LF 3010305 (12 Basic Plus)
Code LF 3010308 (8 Full Optional)
Code LF 3010309 (12 Full Optional)

Water softeners with electronic head and chronometric/volumetric adjustment:
Code LF 3010292 (V8 Basic)
Code LF 3010294 (V12 Basic)
Code LF 3010293 (V8 Basic Plus)  
Code LF 3010295 (V12 Basic Plus)  
Code LF 3010296 (V8 Full Optional)
Code LF 3010298 (V12 Full Optional)

Below are the characteristics of the three available versions:

Basic version: softener with direct water connection. Without by-pass quick release, water hardness adjustment and swivel connections.
Basic Plus version: same as the Basic version but with by-pass for quick release and water hardness adjustment.
Full optional version: like the Basic Plus version, but with swivel quick-release couplings.

All softeners are equipped with a 230/12V transformer to power the head.

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