Oven Gaskets

23/10/2019 00:00:00

Oven Gaskets


LF, together with its partners, is pleased to introduce its new digital catalogue displaying all the oven gaskets available across all of the groups online  shops.

Did you know that we stock over 12,000 essential parts and accessories to ensure that your professional catering equipment always stays fully functional?

The new catalogue provides a selection of spare parts for heavily used appliances, like combi and convection ovens, subject to wear and tear in every professional kitchen.

The right gasket will ensure that heating issues and other problems caused by ineffective seals do not arise and will help extend the lifespan of professional ovens.

Find the best solution for you:

  • Door glass gaskets
  • Door gaskets
  • Door gaskets with fastening hooks
  • Door gaskets with metal reinforcing
  • Door gaskets with tension spring
  • Tray rack trolley gaskets

View online catalogue

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