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The entire product range of PESADO, a small Australian manufacturer renowned for its highly functional and aesthetically captivating accessories, is now available on the LF website! Among these you will find:

Coffee tamper 58.5 (1385099, 1385101, 1385102, 1385103)
The PESADO 58.5 tamper has been created to perfect the coffee tamping procedure. The tamper diameter is 58.5 mm, with a 90-degree edge to maximise basket coverage, leaving no residue and maximising consistency. The increased consistency over the coffee puck will result in more even an extraction and a higher extraction yield. The brand-defining base has evolved over time to allow for a comfortable, firm grip, together with the precision-cut alloy- or hand-lathed wooden handles.

Depth adjuster (1385104)
Unique and easy to use, the PESADO depth adjuster provides a uniform tamping level and pressure, ensuring even more precise and consistent extraction yields.

Double-spout portafilter (1165283, 5129189, 1165285, 1165285, 1165290, 1165287, 5129191)
Designed to optimise efficiency and durability, these portafilters feature stainless-steel bodies and spouts, welded together to increase strength in case of heavy usage.

Bottomless portafilter (1165284, 1165289, 1165286, 1165291, 1165288, 1165292)
These portafilters fit any machine with an E61 group, such as

Competition filter (1460116, 1460117, 1460118, 1460119, 1460120, 1460121)
Pesado has worked hand in hand with IMS to create a basket with a strong focus on precision, thanks to the increased number of funnel-shaped holes extending over the entire extraction surface and right to the edge of the basket.

Competition shower screen (1081137, 1081138, 1081139)
A special, 100% Italian-made screen built into the shower body, with a filtering capacity of 200 µm.

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