The “must-have” scale: Jimmy by Hiroia

17/06/2021 11:59:00

The “must-have” scale: Jimmy by Hiroia

With its minimalist and elegant design plus its magnetic and removable display, the Hiroia Jimmy scale is a masterpiece of technology. 

Every detail of extraction is perfectly controlled with four different features: 
• Espresso: dedicated to espresso machine extraction. The dimensions of the base allow it to be placed on the drip tray of the coffee machine during espresso preparation, directly under the group. The display can be removed from the base and placed on the coffee machine for easy readability. 
• Pour Over: dedicated to filter coffee extraction. The timer will start automatically as soon as the first drops reach the base. 
• Training: to improve one's pouring capacities and consistency. 
• Display: shows the scale display information on the mobile phone display. 

Jimmy is water resistant and can measure up to 2 kg with a reading as accurate as to a tenth of a gram. It has a duration of 10-15 hours of use before needing to be recharged through the supplied USB cable. 

Discover Jimmy  LF Code 1017028 and all of its accessories in our webshop.
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