Webshop guide

LF introduces its new, completely refurbished platform.

We are now pleased to say that three major objectives were reached:

1.    New graphics, in line with the new website, more appealing to the eye and therefore easier to read;
2.    More user friendly, thanks to the simplification of some functions and the complete redesign of others;
3.    Browsing made simpler and easier on mobile devices, thanks to its full-responsive technology, which makes the private area easy to use also with a mobile phone (like the new website). 

With the publishing of the new internet shop, LF confirms its leading position also in the use of new technology!
This does not mean that we have disregarded the previous functionality! All the functions that were already present have been maintained and in the new B2B you will still be able to find these features.

A short guide to the new user area /B2B follows.

All the pages of the user area /LF’s B2B can be browsed by scrolling up and down, using the scroll bar on the side or by using the scroller which is found on your mouse. By doing so, you will be able to browse the different sections on the home page and view the current special offers, news, latest publications, promoted items and other useful information. 
Please note: when you connect from a tablet or a mobile phone numerous pages can be browsed by scrolling sideways (the panning function): don’t forget to try it!
In the top side of the page we have placed the panel featuring the main selection functions for your orders.

On the left side, you can see all the ordering , trolley and wish list functions, which can be used as a prompt or reminder. On the right, the menu will allow you to search orders placed, their shipping details, your account information and view the download function.
Underneath the control panel, we have placed all the search functions, which are the core of LF’s website!

Please note: the control panel and the search menu bar are fixed and available on all pages of the website
Inside the 4 menus (Search, Gaskets, Shelving, EGO) the functions are the same as previously seen and in some cases they are even simpler.
As you may already have noticed, we have made it possible for the search bar to be always available for you, on each page. This will allow you to gain time and have the search tool always at hand, in all menus, without having to interrupt what you are doing.

The top 10 improvements to the new user area / LF webshop.
1.    You are now able to change an existing wish list: you can amend the name of an existing list without having to create a new one.

2.    We have introduced the disappearing cart: every time you add an item to your order or simply pass your mouse on the icon, the shopping cart pops up briefly to show the latest updates / additions. (Note: now the cart has the push-buttons to change the quantities in your order).

3.    We have introduced the order upload straight in the cart window.

4.    We have made available the table for abroad shipping exceeding 30 kg, directly on the order, before confirmation.

5.    It is now possible to view the details of items contained in the flyers published in the “window” of the home page.

6.    We have made the download page more user friendly and easier for reading.

7.    After choosing the profile required in the gasket search, a list of corresponding gaskets will be listed. Here you have the option to select the dimensions needed.

8.    In the advanced search, both the search by LF code and the one by manufacturer code are featured.

9.   In the quick search, you can further filter products by manufacturer, Sector, Family and Machine Name.

10.  We have added 360° pictures in the article details page: the view of all sides, with zoom, makes it easier to identify even the smallest details.

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